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Meditation?!? - Don't you have a better way to spend your time?

When I first left my full time job to go out on my own and work from home, essentially having control of my own destiny in my hands, it was extremely overwhelming. I told friends, family and at work colleagues, but I came to understand many couldn't understand there were challenges that came along with the obvious perks. I assume some of them see it a bit more clearly now as they have been pushed into the same position. Possibly even more so as the decision wasn't even theirs. (I actually saw this first hand in my wife, who has now honestly got her shit totally lined up). In the time since covid, I have noticed the interest in self-care increase drastically, and seeing it more on a grand scale, help put into perspective my own experience with it. This is how I see it. We're essentially all consciousness and energy walking around in meat suits. How do I know we're in a meat suit? We exist outside our body. If you have a voice in your head, you don't need to move your meat suit's face hole to enable it to actually have a voice. You're more than what you can see in a mirror. I can't help but feel like human beings are ignorant of the power of our own minds, but also it's weaknesses. That experiences we have as we grow have a far more drastic effect on our minds, and in turn our bodies, than we give credence too. (there...maybe you're enlightened?...but don't stop showering just yet) I had quite a bit of time to think about this kind of stuff when I split from work and I was honestly fascinated by it. Truly. I think it's cool to learn about the human experience and our relationship to the universe. I also felt like something was missing in my life that I was filling with beers, video games, and yes, also amazing clients and fun projects as well. (though I still play video games...and sometimes still before noon). What I realized was that when you split from other people and extended social situations, you are finally really on your own. Responsible for your own energy, and how you choose to use it, heal it, and direct it. I had never noticed before because when we are around other people, we are also in a way picking up on their energies. If someone says something that triggers you, you likely hold onto it for a time negatively and perhaps in some extreme cases don't ever actually let it go. In my was the first time I realized that I was actually attaching my energy to others around me and vice versa. I guess that's why in movies when the young brave needs to go out on his own to see some vision of a three headed goat in a forest, he really needs to be on his own. To truly see himself and who he is. My mom used to say before we went out in the evenings, remember who you are, I always used to have some asshole remark like..."A Blackout Drunk? Don't mind if I do..." But the ole' gal was really pushing through into my future cause that never made more sense to me until the day I remembered who I am. I'm just a dude trying to do my best to have a good time, and set a good example for my kids, and those around me. Oh shit...I totally forgot to talk about meditation. It's super cool, and is a helpful tool to get in touch with what is really real in your life. Try it out. Or, don't. It worked for me, and I still do it a couple times a day. So when you ask me..."don't you have a better way to spend your time" ... oh...better time than getting control of my emotions, which I use and direct up to 100 times per day into creative voice expression...oh... and also to further get to the core of who I really am. Nope...can't say that I do. But it's all good. Your mask looks really cool.

...wait...did that last statement trigger you? Then meditation may be just what you need!

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